MyBook Live Duo - Password access

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I have had a MyBook Live Duo for many years which has worked as a personal cloud for all my business & family’s data. All of our computers are set to Sync (MS) automatically whenever they are connected to the wi-fi. Today, the Sync is showing the network drive as disconnected. When I try to click on the designated drive for the MyBook, I receive errors. I’ve tried to log onto the Live Duo, but the portal will not accept the password I am entering (I have the password written down, so I am certain it is correct).

How do I access the Live Duo?

Why would it have suddenly disconnected?


Thank you

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First, disconnect from the internet/modem/router. There is trouble brewing with hundreds of MyBook customers. You can reset your backup drive so you can login but you will find nothing on it. If you have read other post about this you will see what I have found. We are all waiting on answers to this issue. Best of luck to you.

Where can I find these other posts?