Mybook Live Cannot access anything


Got a mybook Live for like 4 months now and today I copied images on the drive, 2 minutes after my drive was gone…

Rebooted the computer and it came back but…

I cannot access the web ui anymore.

I cannot access the mounted drive ( it give me an error message).

The green light is steady and sometimes blink. When it start blinking it won’t stop until I reset it.

I hold the reset button for 4 sec but didn’t help, also tryed to unplug it with no luck!

Can someone help please?

sorry for my bad english!

p.s. I’m using a mac

Doesn’t surprise me.  I am using a mac too but that shouldn’t have anything to do with it.  My beef is that the basic device is quite unreliable.  How can it be trusted to hold your data if it goes off into the weeds?  That’s my issue now, forced to do an update and in the middle it just cratered. 

Never got nearly what I paid for.