Mybook Live and Mybook Live Duo Trade in Scam

I submitted a ticket to take part of the trade in program and was told to ship in my Mybook Live prior to getting my discount. I wanted to make sure I knew the policy for shipping since I didn’t want to pay twice for shipping to and from WD and since I’m in a remote location. I was told by the agent that I only had the pay one way shipping (to WD) and everything else would be covered by WD. So I proceed in shipping my drive to them via RMA per their instructions. A few days go by and I notice my RMA is complete but no coupon code so I go ahead and follow up with support and they give my coupon. I then proceeded to order a new replacement drive and when I go to the shipping page it says $109 with no other options. I then chat again with support and they said tough luck they couldn’t do anything about it. Now I’m out a drive and the shipping cost to WD. Anyone else have issues with WD and what did they do to resolve it? If not, use this as a warning before you take part in their trade in. It’s a scam. If it’s not resolved I’m never buying WD again!

Shipping costs are high enough that when a disk dies, I trash it and get a new one. I track how many hours I get out of disks in an excel worksheet.

Not sure why you chose to post to a subforum that generally has zero to do with the My Book Live series of devices. There are subforums for those two devices where you can vent your anger and commiserate with other My Book Live users.

WD’s network attached storage devices are what they are. Some devices, like the My Cloud line, have a long history of security vulnerabilities and Dashboard issues. Some of these issues have been addressed (eventually), some not. It is what it is. Like the previous poster indicated, if you want a more capable device that typically has better support then look to other manufacturers like Synology or QNap. There is a reason why those other reputable manufacturers network attached storage products tend to cost more than WD network attached storage products. As always, some other manufacturers are quick to fix security vulnerabilities, some are not. Do your research beforehand to find out which are the best at dealing with security vulnerabilities and fixing or addressing issues with the configuration GUI.