Mybook Live 3TB

Hi there,

I have just bought a Mybook Live 3TB network drive / server and I am running it with the standard BT router that you get in the UK, see specs here:

Couple of queries.

  1. transfer speed is currently pretty slow, can’t be more than 1 mega bite p/s
  2. I am trying to transfer my iTunes music collection over from an external hard drive, which is connected to an iMac that is on the wireless network. The folder I have “music” is around 300gb. The folder was “consolidated” by my iTunes, so those that are not familiar, iTunes basically sorts all of the music in the folder you designate, and splits it into individual artist folders -> resulting in hundreds of small folders -> within this folder “music”.

Doing anything with this “music” folder is incredibly slow (moving it onto the MyBook & deleting it- a process I have had to do a few times as it didn’t transfer all of it over as it came across a corrupted file).

Can I do anything 1) in the settings of the Mybook to speed this up 2) would buying a gig switch speed this up any? given my set up?

Any help is much appreciated, cheers, T.

you should activate 40 MHz mode in the hub, then you can connect with 300mbit. after i did that on my router it went up to 10MB per sec.

but i dont know i your mac can connect with 300mbit standard, then maybe you should buy a wifi-dongle.

and maybe your mac dont have n-standard on the wireless.

You have my deepest sympathy. My firm advice would be to take it back to the shop, get down on your knees and plead with them to let you have your money back.