MyBook Live 3TB - Mac OS Sierra issue

Not sure what I last did to trigger this, but my Mac OS Sierra isn’t seeing the content in my MyBook. It will let me login. It shows my Shares, but it won’t show what’s in them and looks like it’s spinning trying to access data.

When I access the drive via my iPad and iPhone, all works well.

I have a constant green light flashing on the drive as well.

I’ve tried Reset/reboot. I’ve unplugged and plugged back in. Can I remount the drive? Not sure how to do that now if so.

My MacBook Air isn’t able to access files on the my device either. My iOS devices are, but not my Mac devices. My Mac OS is updated on both.

Did this happen after you upgraded to Sierra?

No, this is a new issue. I’ve had Sierra installed since it first came out. As this issue has evolved, it’s now showing up in my Mac’s file system very, very slowly. First it was the Share Folders. Then the subfolders. It’s almost like it’s building a list.

However, none of the movies work on Plex (on my desktop or Apple TV). They are easily viewable on my iPad via the W D app.

So right now, clicked on my Shared Videos folder, it says 6 Items, 2.58 TB available. Clicked on sub folder Action, it says 0 Items, even though there are about 20 videos in there. The bottom right hand corner of my Finder window shows a spinning swirl, like it’s “thinking”.

I install, just now, the W D Desktop app, and it shows up and works extremely quickly. This all appears to be about my Mac OS Sierra. I haven’t done any updates in a couple of weeks.