MyBook Live 3 TB- Overheating problems?

I have a MyBook Live 3TB device.  Serial Number is [Deleted]. Model AP1NC.

I am using the latest firmware: MyBookLive 02.32.05-144 : Core F/W

Since I have updated the firmware, I am getting weird NAS notices, which are presumerabely related to an overheat issue.

I get the following message:

Event title:???
Event description:???
Event code:

and after sometime the following:

Event title:Temperature normal
Event description:The system temperature is within the normal specified temperature range.
Event code:2003

Can someone help out what is going on?  I think that this is a firmware issue.   Thoughts?

Try doing a power cycle and see if you still get the same messages. 

What is a power cycle?

Turn it off for a short time, then turn it back on.