MyBook Live 2TB Disapeared from Network, Cannot access

This morning when I attempted to access my MBL 2T the mapped network drived errored as not accessible.

I attempted to access the MBL first by http://mybooklive, then http://mybooklive/UI and finnally by IP address with no luck.  I opened my router control panel and noticed that the MBL was not listed under attached devices.

Next I checked the network led’s on the back of the MBL and also checked the cable and swapped it to rule it out as a problem.

I cycled the power on the MBL, the LED stayed blue for about 10 to 20 seconds then turned solid green and my router’s log showed,

[DHCP IP: (] to MAC address B4:07:F9:C2:F8:12 

but the MBL still did not show under attached devices.  Pinging works but am unable to access the MBL via , , or \ .

I am desperate to retrieve the data from the MBL and get it back up running.  Your input, suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.


Is there any way to connect my MBL directely to my laptop via the ethernet cable?  Are there instructions available out there for this?

There is.  Use a network cable to connect the MBL directly to the compute’s network port but on the computer you might need to install some sort of DHCP service.  I’ve done this on my laptop in case I need to link some device to my laptop and that device is configured to obtain IP details from a DHCP service. 

Such a free DHCP service is located at (one of a few):

Downloaded DHCP Server 2.2 and gave it a shot…didn’t work.  :(    Starting to look like removing the drive from the MBL and hooking it up via USB may be the only sollution.  At least I hope that will work.

How is it? Mine is inaccessible as well so I pulled out the HDD and put it in an enclosure but can’t read the filesystem through windows.

When accessing it on linux, there’s mount error too.

Hi, I had exactly the same problem

The Mybooklive 2Tb that worked flawlessly suddenly refused me access to the UI. I actually thought that maybe i had forgotten my password so I carried out a reset using the reset button. No my drive starts up but does not obtain an IP address at all from the router. The green light constantly blinks but I cannot gain access by any method.

Reading some of the other posts it seems that as I had automatic updates set, the most resent update has bricked the device.

My device has a lot of important info so I like you took the drive out and put it in a USB enclosure, after 4 or 5 hours trying different versions of Linux Distro I still could not get the unit to mount due to the large block size.

I went back to Windows and found a really good program for mounting EXT4 drives on windows 7

Install the program and make sure you install the patch as the program by default will only read ext2 and 3 drives.

Im currently 13 hours into a copy from the bricked WD drive to a Netgear Stora NAS which has never let me down.

If you have any problems with the program let me know and ill try and help.

I really hope WD get to the bottom of these failed updates and release a recovery tool as the drive was not that cheap and i live in the middle east so sending it back is not really an option.

yeah me too - my MBL drive is solid blue and can’t be seen on network !!!

Same here. Blue on the front, not light on the back. Pryed it open, trying to access it directly.