Mybook live 2 tb samba port forwarding

Hello guys, 

I have WD mybook live. What I did is to disable remote web access and opened 137-139 ports. This gives me direct connection from outside networks to my drive. The question is: is it secure? I hate webdav, I cannot use any MS Office files. And actually webdav is little bit slower than the samba connection. Please, someone tell me is it secure to leave those ports open in this particular device. Thank you!

pokworld wrote:

The question is: is it secure?

No, not really…

yeah, do not recommend those ports to be open to the world. If you need those, limiting the access on those ports only to the IPs you will be sourcing from, maybe. But if those are not static, then the most secure way would be SSH.

I hate Webdav as well but I set up my MBL to SSH remote access. Some basic Linux and some reading necessary though.

Some things you will have to do:

  • Setup SSH

  • Setup SSH to auto start on reboot

  • Setup users and permissions

  • Setup home dirs

  • Setup the home router (TCP, DDNS if not static IP)


I believe those ports password might be on clear txt. Similar to FTP protocol.