Mybook Live 1TB

hi there folks,

I have a Mybook live 1TB which stays connected all the time to my router. The primary use for my drive is to act as a music server for my sonos and itunes. I’ve had to disconnect the drive for a few hours the other day to re-decorate my living room and since i’ve done this my drive has vnished of the network and i’ve had to turn it off and turn it back on again to make it visible to the network and sonos. I’m not majorly computer literate but i’ve not had to to do that before i turned the drive off. 

the only thing i have’t done is reset the drive with the little reset button on the back. My music on the drive is unaffected and i’d rather not do anything to compromise/wipe the data as its got all of our family’s music on it (around 230gb)

many thanks



You should try resetting it by holding the reset button on the back. This will not delete the data on the drive.