MyBook keep locking the drive everytime when wake up PC from sleep

I got a 4TB MyBook external drive, had been working well since 4 year ago.
However, from couple weeks a ago, it starts to lock the drive when I wake up my machine.

When wake up the PC, I still can see folders and files, but if I try to open the file, it tells me “Access Denied”.

At the beginning I thought it was broken and I was anxious, then soon I found this appeared:

Then I tried unlock.exe, it succeeded to unlock the drive.

However, the drive is still get locked when put the PC into sleep. I have to execute the unlock.exe every time after wake up the PC. I didn’t set any password for it.

This is really annoying…

Please, tell me how to do? Is this drive broken?:rage:

Seem fixed. It said I had password set. Cleared it then fine.


Thanks for sharing your solution with the community.