MyBook Essential Showing Less Capacity

Hi, i got a MyBook Essential 1TB, and i use it on my macbook pro, under MacOS and Windows.

Its Partitioned this way:

750 GB > ExFat

250 GB > NTFS

This Way i can use it under Windows 7 and MacOs 10.6.7

The issue is that Windows tells me that ExFat Partition is 700 GB only… While MacOs Shows real capacity.

Any Ideas what this is happening?

P:D Sorry About My Poor English

Hi there, what happens is that OSX shows decimal numbers while Windows uses binary numbers, this means that what a Mac sees as 1,000GB (1TB), Windows will see it as 937GB, as 1TB for Windows is 1,024GB (1.02 TB on Mac).

This means that both numbers are correct to the corresponding OS, and you’ll note that all your files look smaller in size in Windows and bigger in size on your Mac because of this.