MyBook Elite is not accessible

Hi WD Community,

Need help as I couldn’t acess to MyBook Elite drive.

What happen is once I have unlocked MyBook Elite, it shows message “G: is not accessible. The Parameter is incorrect”.

Then it pops another message that mentioning “Format Local Disk G”…


  1. What was the problem? What does it mean “The Parameter is incorrect”?

  2. Shall I format it? Would that mean once I formatted, then I can access and retrive my files?

  3. How shall retrive my files?

Appreciate your kind helps,




I recommend using another USB cable and making sure the drive is plugged in directly into a wall outlet. If you still have the issue then it means the partition is corrupted. You should be able to use the drive again if you format it. Formatting the drive will delete all data stored on it. Before formatting, it may be possible to still extract the data utilizing data recovery software.There are several kinds of Data Recovery software available. If you do a  web search for  Data Recovery  it will yield plenty of data recovery software options.