MyBook drive attached via USB to WD Live TV has time/date stamp of Dec. 31, 1999

I have a WD MyBook HD attached to a WD Live TV via USB. Any files that I copy to this drive have a date and timestamp of Dec. 31, 1999.

If I leave the WD Live TV on for more than 24 hours, then copy another file the new one has a date of Jan 1, 2000.

So, the question is: Who maintains this timestamp, and how can I copy files to this drive that will have the correct date and time?


I thought the wdtv only moves the files and doesn’t write to them.  Could it be the router doesn’t have the time set in it?

Moves the files from where to where?

This may be where my confusion sets in.

I have a file on my PC that has a timestamp of Aug. 12, 2009

The PC currently believes it is Dec. 18, 2009.

I copy the file to the WD TV Live attached storage.

The file appears on this shared device with a timestamp of Dec. 31, 1999 (yes 1999).

If I wait and copy the file tomorrow the timestamp will be Jan. 1, 2000.

I would have thought that my PC clock would get involved, or the WD TV Live would have a clock.

Perhaps I should copy the files to the drive when it is attached to my PC, then connect the drive to the WD TV Live?

Thanks for any suggestions on this!

This sounds like something you might have to ask wd’s tech support about.  I only play my movies with my wdtv live, so i haven’t had the issues.  Or at least I haven’t noticed. 

Well I do thank you for your ideas or suggestions. 

I just use the timestamp to let me know what movies are the newer versions - I guess if the timestamp is newer then it is the newer movie regardless if the time itself is correct. (silly of me! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for reading and replying to my questions.

I have, what sounds like the same problem. When I copy files from the PC over the network to the WDTV, they show up with the proper time. However, when I modify files over the network using the PC, they are given the bogus time stamp (~2000).

It sounds to me as if the WDTV has a system time of its own, but there’s no way to set it!

This follows the general pattern, that the device firmware has a long way to go before its “done”. I sure hope the WD folks have the attention span to pursue the firmware until it really does work well.

Your description fits exactly what I am seeing.

My WD Live TV developed another problem, play _any_ media file and then I cannot play another without resetting to factory defaults AND cycling the power. I have an RMA on it and hope to have the new one in place soon.

I do hope they get some of these minor bugs fixed. This seems like a very nice device if it only worked.

I have an old Elgato eyeTV that doesn’t play some video container formats (mkv for example), nor does it have HDMI connection, nor is it supported by Elgato anymore, however I tested it by having it play a collection of videos in a loop for the entire month of Dec. and it did just fine. I would like to see the WD Live TV do this!

Same problem here, all files/folders copied over the network to the USB-drive show up with the timestamp 01.01.2000.

This bug is known to WD as the release notes for firmware 1_01_11mention it:

"Resolved issue of time-stamping files to “1/1/2000”; now timestamps are untouched by the WDTV 

Live HD Media Player"

Sounds great, but I am on firmware 1.02.21 now and still the same bug, so what’s going on ?

Suggestions anyone ?

SAme problem, files copied to the HD get 2000 time stamp. it did not work like this before… Windows Xp. i guess its the WD

I have a same problem with the version firmware 1.02.21.

I have made a batch file to synchronize my computer directory of videos with the directory on USB drive connected to the WD live. I make de copy with robocopy with a usb drive accessible on network.

ROBOCOPY “%SourceDirectory%” “%DestinationDirectory%” /MIR  /w:0 /r:0  /Z /FFT