MyBook disappeared when rebooting router

This morning I rebooted my router to reset my modem. I didn’t  “eject” my WD MyBook first; it does not go through the router. But it switched off anyway, and presented the scolding “disk was not ejected properly” dialog. I restarted my Mac, and everything else is now working properly, but the WD drive no longer shows up anywhere, including Disk Utility. The power button in the front flashes briefly when I unplug and replug the drive into the computer, but does not stay on. I can’t find anything else to try in the troubleshooting section of the manual. The drive is plugged directly into a power source. I’ve rebooted everything several times, with no luck. Have I fried the MyBook?? Thanks for any advice.

OK, never mind. I discovered I must have jostled the connection of the WD drive to the adaptor at the router when I unplugged the modem this morning. I just thought to check it, and it was loose. When I tightened it up, MyBook sprang back to life and appears to be working fine. I thought I had checked all the connections already, but I forgot about that adaptor.