MyBook 500GB Essential 2.0 not working with Windows 7 - indicates I need to format

Hello - I am trying to use mybook essentail 2.0 on my home computer running Windows 7.  When I plug it in the computer does recognize the external drive under G:/ but when I try to access it it indicates it needs to be formatted which I do not want to do as I will lose all data.  I downloaded drives and checked articles online but am having absolutely no luck.  Thanks so much!

I also can’t get MyBook to connect to the driver.  I have been using this product for several months and something shut my computer down and now I can’t get to MyBook Essential.  It tells me there is a driver but doesn’t connect me.  Any ideas??


Sounds like a corruption proble. TestDisk might it. Or you may want some data recovery software. Recuva is free


Recuva only talks about partions and this is not partions it it is a disc that is supposedly available from the computer.  It is supposed to automatically find the disk when I plug the external hard drive in.

The other one tells me what the problems are (none seems to fit) but then they want me to order their program.

My external drive should be still under warrenty but I don’t want a new one as I want to be able to get the information that is stored on it.

Can you  come up with another solution to try?



If the drive model is indeed the original WD My Book Essential 2.0, then unless it was previously formatted the unit comes factory-formatted FAT32, which is a file system that Microsoft Windows 7 may request to be updated into a Windows-centric file system such as NTFS. This can also happen with a legacy NTFS partition from Windows XP after being connected into a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer (Skipping Windows Vista).