MyBook 4TB visible in WD software but not in My computer

What could be wrong? WD Drive Utilities shows MyBook but it isn’t visible in My computer, Adobe Bridge, etc.

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Do you have a password on the drive? Does the drive show under the disk management?

I don’t think I have a password on it, I’m just starting to use it.

Computer clearly knows that it’s connected, it makes connecting and disconnecting sounds and in control panel the drive can also be found.

I just looked at WD Smartware and it says “No writeable partition found”. Why?

Hello there, if you haven’t used the drive I would recommend you to  format the drive.

That helped a bit, but the black bar of the drive is only 128Mb and that is only part I can format. That succeed and I got that 128Mb space but how can I get the rest?

EDIT: I first tried to change the blue to black but it couldn’t be done, but now it worked just as it should. Thanks a lot!

And what’s the problem now? I’ve disconnected the drive from computer and when I connect it, computer doesn’t understand it’s connected.

EDIT: And now it connected just as it should? Weird.

This can’t be right. Now I’m trying to connect it but immedeately after it appeares to computer, it vanishes. ???

EDIT: And again it xonnected normally after huge amount of trying again.

Hello, you might want to try with a different cable, or in another computer, after the drive is formatted the computer should recognize it right away.