MyBook 4TB and Windows XP

Is there any way for my new MyBook 4TB external drive to be seen, recognized and used in a Windows XP environment? If so what do I need to do to get Windows XP to see it and load the correct drivers?

Hello, if your Windows XP is 32bit unfortunately you have a limitation for hard drives that you can connect to the computer of 2 TB.

I got My Book 4 TB (from Year 2013) and it works without problem under windows XP 32bit. After connecting is immediately ready.
I bought another WD My Book 4TB (from Year 2016) but this one is in new smaller paper box and windows xp 32bit dont see it, i can find it in device manager only.

So it is problem in drivers.

no not problem in driver but the way they are made and partitioned these days as XP no longer supported.