MyBook 4TB and Windows 7 Media Center

I recently purchased the 4TB MyBook. My sole purpose for this drive is to store my DVD collection for playback through windows 7 media center on my home theatre pc. Whenever trying to play a DVD file (video_ts/ifo/vob) from the 4TB drive in media center, the drive just freezes up and does not load the movie. If I point WMC to my NAS, over a WiFi connection, the movie plays without a hiccup.

I have updated the USB 3.0 drivers on the Intel NUC.  I have installed all of the updates for windows 7 and also updated the firmware on the 4TB driven (I hope, the process is a bit opaque). I have tried this experiment on two home theater pcs, same result.

Has anyone had similar problems with this drive or know of a solution for this problem? I would prefer to find a way to fix this problem rather than resort to returning the drive and trying my luck with another brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this issue is becoming quite frustrating. Also before anyone starts in about pirating DVD’s, I own every DVD that I have copied onto my hard drives. I just prefer the convenience of having access to all of my movies through media center rather than searching for the actual disc.

Try running a DLG test to rule out any possible hardware damage. If the test completes successfully, try playing other type of files to verify if the same problem happens. Click on the link below for the steps to run a DLG test.

No help but video plays on my 4TB using the VLC; the videos were ripped using the old “shrink” ripper onto MyBookLive; and now copied to the MyBook for backup.

Give VLC a try to see if it works for you; possible your NAS decoded what needs to be done for the WMC.


The DLG (extended) test passed.  Took a long time to run on a 4 TB drive.  I am not sure what you mean- “playing other type of files to verify if the same problem happens”.  Files on the disk are ISO copies of the DVDs.  Do you have a proceedure that I can follow?



Hi again, if the DLG test completed successfully the My Book doesn’t have any hardware problems. I recommended for you to try playing other type of files like MP3’s or other video formats to verify if the problem happens again, this way you can narrow down the cause of the problem. Also check if you have the latest USB 3.0 drivers installed for your PC.