MyBook 3TB Parental Protection

We recently bought the WDTV Live and added a MyBook 3TB drive to the home environment.

We have a collection of movies which we stream to our WDTV, but we also have a Sony PS3 in our 9 yr old son’s room. The PS3 can also connect to the MyBook and stream movies/VDs and media. but we have movies there we do not want him to access. We created a folder specifically for him, but we know kids like a challenge :slight_smile: so we are asking if it is possible to add some form of Parental Protection on the MyBook whereby our son can safely access his folder through the PS3. But we do not want him to access the folder containing restricted content.

How can we set this up. Is there a Parental Guide for the content of the MyBook?

Hey there,

What kind of My Book you got? Live?, Live Duo?, Essentials?

You should be able to set up parental control from the Dashboard (device web interface) depending on the device that you have, all you have to do is create the Share folder and add the policies to it.


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