MyBook 2TB: USB off circuit board

About a month ago, my 2TB MyBook started disconnecting/turning off with even being touched. I found out that the USB connector inside hasn’t been soldered well, so it looked displaced. Then, plugging the USB cord wouldn’t work anymore (HD starts up then shuts down after blinking a few times). Only solution was to hold down the cord by applying a certain pressure on it so the connector would “touch” the circuit board (my guess).

Started backing up my stuff; worked fine at 15MB/s then suddenly it went down to 1MB/s and Windows even popped a message saying “Connect the deviced to a USB 2.0 port for faster speed etc.”. Unplugged the cord and the connector simply snapped off from the PCB. :frowning:


What should I do? I think I have the HD for a year now so warranty is gone I suppose. Any idea/suggestion? Thanks a lot! 

First check and see if it is still in warranty. These next  things involving opening the case which will void the warranty if it’s still in effect. You can see if you can get a new USB port soldered on by an electronics repair person. The other alternative is find another board either from a similar drive or on Ebay. Check the posts by fzabkar in some of them he explains about matching up numbers.


Okay, so I read Do_Japan’s post over here:

I’m willing to lose my stuff (mostly backup up’d games from Steam and HD movie/game trailers). I’ll just recycle the HD and use it as an internal one for my PC.

What exactly must I do? I probably don’t have the warranty anymore thus I’ll simply open the enclosure and take out the disk. 

It depends on if it’s a standard SATA drive and your PC setup. You’ll have to research that part for your PC. Basically it’s putting drive in tray and plugging in power and SATA cables and connecting to your PC in the right place. Then look at post 15 about writing zeroes and formatting. Look on Youtube there is probably a video.