MYBOOK 2TB stuck Initializing Device Please Wait" in UI

When I access MBL 2TB UI from my browser it says “Initializing Device Please Wait”. I can access the files on the drive from my MAC but not from my PC or my Smart TV which seems a little weird. I am using about 961GB of space on the MBL. I unplugged the power and NTWK cable a couple of days ago and then reconnected hoping that it would straighten itself out but after 2 days it is still stuck initializing device. Need a recommendation on what to do next. Thanks.

A WD My Book Live does not normally display “initializing” messages since it is a single-drive unit. What color is the activity LED?

Thanks for the reply. The LED is yellow.


Hi, Do you have another drive that you can transfer the drive to? Have you try resetting the drive by pressing the reset button in the back? The reset is not data destructive, but as the drive is not behaving correctly you should attempt to get the important data out of the drive, before doing anything. Also another thing would be to perform a factory restore, however this will delete the information.

Resetting didn’t help. I will need t get another drive and copy everything over to it.