MyBook 2TB seems to be regularly restarting

Dear WD Forums,

I have a 2TB Mybook, never subjected to physical harm. While in use or doing it’s backups, every while or so (sometimes every 15 minutes, sometimes longer) the device seems to act as if it were disconnected and reconnected, backup-operations being interrupted and Windows saying that the USB device has been removed and instantly inserted. 

Obviously this behaviour is worrying me, and it can only do harm to my backups. I have the drive’s sleep settings set to “never”, so this behaviour shouldn’t be happening. Any advice? I’m using WD Smartware version

Finally got sick of the smartware on this thing and opted to remove it in order to have a FUNCTIONAL drive, not too much to ask for an expensive product. According to WD I first have to update the firmware in order to do this, so I do this. The firmware updater has been “working” for half an hour now with no progress, the progress bar is still representing the usual candy cane pattern.

Ugh. And I’m never the person to go online to rant about products, but this is ridiculous. I hope this update works out, else it’s back to the store and pray that they take it back even though of course I’ve gotten rid of the original packaging by now (been in service for almost half a year)

If it keeps starting and stopping like that, my first suspect would be the USB cable or USB port.  Second suspect would be the power to the drive.

And, if something is bad and breaking the connection regularly, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if the update fails and gets stuck if the drive disconnects while trying to update.

It’s happened on multiple systems, and the failures are too regular and predictable to be a hardware failure. Plus, the drive is completely 100% motionless, I never even touch it while in operation.

The update is supposedly still in progress. Would’ve been nice if the progress bar actually displayed if any progress was taking place.

update stiiiiiiiill in progress. Ugh.

closed the update, the harddrive still seems functional. I opened the smartdrive and I’ve been allowed to disable the virtual cd. Huh, this might work out