MyBook 2TB not accessible

It is a new HDD, just once used. And it was working fine. I stored some files.

In the meantime someone else used the drive to access the stored files.

Now I wanted to work again with the HDD, plugged it into the USB - and my antivirus (avast) immediately showed up, telling me that there was 2 infected files found and moved to the chest: Autorun.inf and /ms-dos/

I unplugged the HDD (safely removed), plugged it later again to see what I can do now - but now the HDD is no longer recognized by my laptop. It does not show up anymore after USBplugged. What can I do now???

Looks like the virus has corrupted the partition.

Check if the drive appears on Disk Management. If it does, you can try reformatting the drive to claim the partition back.

This is not an option if you don’t have a backup of your files.