MyBook 2TB Home Edition Triple Interface goes to sleep or something and will not wake up

The **** MyBook that I bought seems to go to sleep or something after a short time of non use.  Once it goes to sleep or whatever it is going, it becomes inaccessible and I must power it down to access it again.  I have installed SmartWare to see if I can disable a sleep option or the like.  Unfortunately, SmartWare does not see this drive.

I have the same problems on an XP machine, and on a machine that is running Windows Server 2003. 

The same problem happens regardless of whether I connect with the USB or FireWire interface.

On another lesser problem, this drive hangs my computer if I plug in the ESATA interface.  I do not blame the drive for this as much since the the computer’s ESATA interface is only 1.5 GB/s.  Does anyone know if this drive can be set to 1.5 GB/s rather than 3?

I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer.

I have bought only Seagate for many years due to past experiences with WD.  I decided to give WD a try again and
I am not impressed.  I need several more 2TB drives for my backup library.  I would buy more of these if I can get this thing working.

Try updating 1.034 Firmware below.

Download and run the updater with 1 drive connected via USB.

Good luck.

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Thank you much sir.  This solved the problem.  You rock dude!

I have the same problem with my home edition 1Tb My Book Home Edition (triple interface).  Not using any WD software at all and using drive purely as a target for Windows Backup. Normally connect via Firewire but connected USB for this update BUT using 64-bit Win 7 Professional.  Firmware update not working (write up says only 32-bit versions and no mention of Win 7).  Get message “Error while loading generic library”.  Anyone got any ideas?

:smiley: thanks Cae02…I download the firmware …and it work!

thank you very much !!!