Mybook 2TB fails after ~30 minutes

Hi, my 2TB Mybook USB 3.0 stops working after 20-30 minutes. It sometimes shows a “Delayed Write Failed” error in Windows XP, but when I used the HDD on another Ubuntu Linux system, it also failed after 30 minutes. By failed, I mean I can’t read any files on it, but it still appears as being connected in Windows, and I hear a clicking noise. It can’t be “safely removed” when I try in Windows. If I pull out the USB cable, the HDD may work for a few more minutes until the same thing happens.

It doesn’t click when just plugged into the wall outlet alone. If I leave it alone for a few hours, it will work for another ~30 minutes before failing. Is this a power adapter or USB cable problem? Where can I buy another power adapter and will WD cover it under warranty? Thanks for any help.

Your drive may be defective if you don’t have important data on your drive, you can contact WD for a replacement.-