MyBook 2TB does not show in Windows after using on Linux

OK, I wanted to transfer some photos from my Netbook (Ubuntu) to my PC, the MyBook was plugged into the PC, I safely removed it, plugged it into the Netbook, copied the photos to it, safely ejected it, but when I plugged it back into the PC, the WD Smartware “cd drive” shows up, but the actual HDD doesn’t show. The computer then runs real slow and after aaaaaages, the drive appears as “Local Disk” but is not marked as “Active” in Disk Management.

It shows up and is fully accessible in Ubuntu still. Has Ubuntu done something to it, and how do I make it work on Windows again? The PC is XP - I have a Windows7 laptop also but have not tried it on there yet…

I suspect Ubuntu probably corrupted partition information. It’s not a supported OS. Try a Linux live CD on Windows and see if you can copy any importamt data off that you need. Then you can try something like TestDisk and see if it will repair it.