MyBook 1.5TB Home Edition

Having problems loading the setup program that comes with the harddrive. Everytime I load it, it would freeze/crash my system and eventually i would have to reboot the computer. on my laptop, it would run the setup. any help would be great. thanks.

I have a 2TB that totally locks up the computer every time I plug it in. I get delayed write file errors, and the drive often blue screens the computer.

Windows XP SP2

Dell Latitue E6500

WD 2 TB  P/N A3C

I hate this hard drive.

I have a MyBook Home Edition Tripple Interface  2 TB.  This thing also locks up my computer when I plug it in with the ESATA interface.  I do not blame this drive for this problem because I know that the drive has a 3 GB/s SATA interface while my older motherboard only has a 1.5 GB/s interface.  If you are using ESATA, are you certain that your computer has a 3 GB/s interface?  Does the drive work with another interface (like USB?)

The **** MyBook that I bought apparently goes to sleepafter a short time of non use and refuses to wake up.  I hate it.

There is a serious problem with this drive (My Book 1.5TB) .  When plugged in to eSATA it freezes my entire computer and i need to reboot , data gets sometimes lost during transfer when this happens.   I have tried many things .   Initially it comes formatted FAT32, so i thought maybe this is a problem since I got Win XP Pro 64.   So reformatted it with NTFS , still the same problem. 

I had it hooked up to my SATA port that extends to eSata through a bracket , So than i thought that maybe my mother board is at fault and it cant handle the drive connected to the motherboard with this setup (even though the instructions say if you turn off your computer plug in the drive than turn it on it should work - however not hot swap this way - i.e. you can’t unplug it while pc is up)  .  

So … I bought a controller card that supports eSATA and allows hot swap and all of that for eSATA drives.   Unfortunately identical problem , just crashes the entire PC.   This is driving me insane.   In retrospect i have another drive  that’s 1TB that i bought at an cheep parts store that i put in external case with eSATA , taking the cable out of the MyBook and plugging it to the cheep 1T eSATA drive works perfectly, i can hot swap it , turn it off , on , works very fast.    So everything so far points to the MyBook it self … it seems to work ok with USB only , which is a pain since i bought it specifically for backups and large files and can’t use the eSATA on top of it my data seems to be unsafe and transferting to it via eSATA is not relaiable.   THIS ■■■■■!  

I hope WD can comment on this or provide some solution as there seem to be many occurances of this when I google this problem.

I’m here as I’ve had problems with ALL 4  WD Green Caviar drives I’ve bought this year.  By chance is the MyBook 1.5TB a Green Caviar drive internally??

We bought 2 “Phanton” external 1TB drives around 8 moths ago, both turned out to be containing 1TB Western Digital Green Caviars.

One of them has recently failed catastrophically with exactly the same symptoms of freezing whicheve PC its plugged into.  Even data recovery boot disks won’t see it.

The other has strated failing randomly on files copies and freezing up.

We’ve also just bought 2x 1.5TB Green Caviars to be used as in a RAID1 mirrored array for a customer’s new server.  Having given up on the nVidia RAID being able to recognise them, 1 started failing with SMART errors.  So I destroyed the array, withthe intention of just using the remainder as a plain old Vanilla hard drive, but now Windows  SBS2008 can’t even see that.

So that’s 4 Green Caviar hard drives we’ve bought this year, and each one appears to be junk.

I’m not expecting a response from WD, but to say I’m disgusted at this line as a product wouldn’t be far from the truth.

This has been noted and will be passed along.

I have the same problem with this hard drive and would love to know if there’s a solution.  In addition, it doesn’t even work correctly when connected to a USB port.  Unless I connect it (to a USB port) either after the computer comes up or on a “Controlled by Master” outlet on my UPS, the computer hangs on bootup.  If I do manage to get both the computer and the drive up and running and then try to put the computer in standby mode, it immediately pops out of standby mode all by itself.  I also have a 320 GB My Book Studio Edition hard drive which had the same eSATA problems as the 1.5 TB Home Edition drive, but has none of the problems I’m experiencing when connected through a USB port.  In case it matters, my computer has a Pentium 4 processor (3 GHz) and is running Windows XP.  I’d also be interested in knowing if anyone knows of an eSATA/USB drive that actually works correctly.  Thanks.

Hello all,

User from Portugal.
I bought a WD MyBook Essential 1.5TB about a month ago. (WDBAAF0015HBK-EESN  †

I took about a day to figure that the drive was messed up.
Loooooong access times to the drive, that is, when i could access it.
The rare occasions i got to initiate a file transfer it showed unreal time
estimates. I once tried to transfer a 5 GB block o files (music etc), it indicated
a 165 minutes estimation!
I have 4 different PC’s at home, tried the device on all of them, and in all
the behaviour was quite the same: frustrating.

So, after a grueling week around the **bleep** thing i went back to the store, and exchanged the drive by the 1TB drive from the same series (WDBAAF0010HBK-EESN  † WCAV5C989035).

The drive seems ok, at least untill present time, but i don’t keep it constantly connected to the PC, and i use it as a backup drive, not as unique store drive.
And that’s exactly what i needed the drive! Not for backup!
Reading the WD support forums and seeing other users reports about dying drives after 6 months leaves me very skeptical as to delete the files at their original storage. Very.
The feeling i got is that the drive is going to die, sooner than admissible for a hard drive as we, experienced users, grew used to.

I still don’t know what got into me for buying these drives. Western Digital is not the only company under fire about these high density drives. If you google up some other models, from other manfacturers you realise it is a widespread problem.
They simply want to put the products out there regardless of their reliability!

I remember the time hard drives were much smaller capacity and endured 10 years. Constantly ON!

So, advice to EVERYONE who goes to a store and reads this phrase on the product box:

“Put your life on it”

…Well… DON’T.

Best Regards ( and luck ! )