My worse fears have come true

My Smart TV running on Android is waking itself up and leaving itself on. For the first couple of times that it happened, I thought I was just being absent minded on leaving it on. However, just now, while working on my computer, across the room I heard a click… and the Android signal popped up on screen.

Auto updates have been turned off so I have no idea why suddenly my TV and perhaps my Sony receiver is turning on simultaneously; Both are Sony devices and uses CEC and ARC to communicate to each other, so when one is turned on, the other turns on also.

This is the world of new generation programmers. Their logic is if you are not using your device, we will use it to scan, update or possibly something more insidious like listening and watching you as you dance around naked in the, no longer, privacy of your home.

My new Android driven TV is really really slow and unresponsive to turn on or off… it is like the TV is going … “wait… just a minute… hang on there… let me finish playing this game of solitaire… yup… there… no wait… ok”… “I’m on… what do you want?”

Same with turning it off… I’ll hit the button and yup… 3 seconds later… it goes click… instead of that satisfying old days… immediate click… off

Sometimes when I make a menu selection and if I’m really impatient like the back button… it would stack up on itself… and instead of back up “one” menu item… I’m back at the home page instead. or click on play from google music… and it doesn’t start playing… then you click on play again… several times… then you get play, no play, play, no play…

So why am I venting about my TV on the WD forums?

I think the WD programmers have been hired by Sony and my new TV is now scanning my files on my WD cloud which is why my cloud have been waking up more frequently.

This is insane!
I believe there may be some bug in android software but… how you can claim such thing??

I won’t arrive to such conclusion without any proof. What sony will do by scanning everyone’s mycloud, even I can’t scan my entire mycloud, there is so much data (4 TB).

Meanwhile I would suggest to use mains power button not tv remote to turn it off.

Sounds like a good question for the Sony community.

I don’t think Ralphael was being entirely serious…

That because they are essentially computers these days, and have to boot properly before they can shut down.

I have a ‘dumb’ Sony TV, and that takes time to turn on and turn off. So does the Humax. So does the Audica DVD Receiver.

For you TV spontaneous wake-up, I’d look to see what apps are running, and if they have any scheduling functions, or have auto-updates enabled.

The funny thing about the Sony community is there are a lot of questions with absolutely no answers. Sony basically ignores you and if there is an answer they would tell you to buy their next model. The customers don’t have any idea of why something is the way it is. Of course there is no linux to hack and the android that they have on the new 4k HDR screens is basically an android phone.

of course I’m serious!! I can hear my TV clicking… wait… no that is still my Cloud… sorry…

yup… sad really… in the sense that they are using Android :stuck_out_tongue: cough

well… it is worse at my end, I have two 8TB clouds. and the reason for the scan is DLNA which requests an index listing of all your media files like MP3s, WAVS, Movies (MP4, MKV, AVI), Photos, gifs but your Cloud is doing this for you and not Sony.

But yes I’m kidding about WD employees moving over to Sony.

However it seems that every one of my NEW devices (TV, Receiver, Sony Playstation 4 and even my Apple devices are waking up at some point in time when I’m not looking and running their own maintenance program which includes checking for the latest update, my PS4 will check for game updates as well as new games that I have purchased from the PS4 store and so on.

All devices are waking up these days including our My Clouds but once upon a time (a few years before) I was complaining to WD that we don’t see our TVs waking up to scan our files so neither should the WD Clouds wake up during the night to scan our files and now my TV is waking up for no reason at all.

I mean if my toys are to wake up, at least have a decency to ensure that the userI doesn’t find out, like hard drive clicking throughout the night or TV turning on with the Android logo popping up…

No, even ‘dumb’ TVs are computers. Mine is so dumb it has a working Ethernet port (well, in so far as it will talk to my router and get an IP address), USB port, etc.

But Sony couldn’t tell me what the ethernet port was for. They only believed I had the model number I did when I sent them photos of the box, the serial number panel, ethernet port and remote control. And no, it’s not a grey import; it’s a UK model.

They are worse than WD Support by a very long way…

so what are you saying? that dumb is smart too? :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting on the ethernet port, it could be how they use to update the firmware in those models.

Well yes, dumb TV’s are computers. I actually worked a few years in that industry of which they are called turn-key systems. Back then, everything was rom based at which power down is simply power off.

To create a turn-key system using linux, I moved the OS into a ramdisk much like what the gen2 clouds do today. No shutdown is necessary.

Android based systems expects the system to be always on, much like phones which are constant on. Try booting up an Android system from scratch and it takes at least a minute to boot.

I don’t know if the new android TV requires any clean up before shutdown but since the TV doesn’t really turn off my gut feeling that the slow response is more due to the interpretive Java or even web based HTML running as their UI. Everything is interpreted versus compiled and running in native.

Unnecessary pretend wake ups, which turns on your TV, should not occur under any circumstances even for an updates. Updates can happen, but not with the screen on.

However with that said, an update on my Apple TV or the Sony Receiver might trigger the TV on through CEC (consumer electronic control) where one device wakes up the whole chain of devices. So my TV waking up may be any number of devices turning on.

In regards to errant apps, on my iPhone, the Facebook app was the most notorious app for consuming battery life. Even when it is suppose to be inactive with the switch off to disallow the app from using any cpu when idle, it consumed half my iPhone battery; you can see it in the battery usage 50% Facebook. Even though it has been fixed, I always kill the FB app from active memory when I am off FB much like I kill all the scan apps when I am not on My Cloud.

Anyways, it is what it is… and all we can say is… firetruck, when it happens…

@Ralphael Sorry you are having problems with your Sony TV. I have had my Sony 75" 4K TV for eight months and have not had any problems. There have been two updates for it since the first of the year.

I am a member of the Sony community.

Congrats on your 75"

Mine is only the 43" and I’ve had mine for probably the same amount of time. Got it on sale mainly for the reason that my Sony Playstation Pro will play games in 4k HDR; except not with the VR connected.

Despite the sluggish controls, it has been performing quite well for a mobile phone posing as a TV :stuck_out_tongue: I get 4k HDR Netflix with a bit of occasional stuttering possibly due to the fact that I’m using wifi or it might be a problem with Android itself, but I overlook it because I don’t want another ethernet cable snaking into the back to find out that it is Android and couldn’t keep up with displaying 4k. I don’t want to troubleshoot my TV.

I’ll have to overlook the fact that my devices do auto-turn on from now on. I mean that if it is not this problem, then it can be another problem on a different brand.

I’m on the Sony Community too.

I have posted a couple of problems over to the Sony Community regarding some other device problems and none were answered; so I gave up. I also have their Sony Receiver STRDN1080 and their Sony Playstation Pro that is supposed to support 4k HDR only if you unplug from their VR headset completely.

Now this new auto-turn on feature could very well be due to the CEC, where you turn on something like your DVD player or in my case the Nintendo Switch, Sony Playstation or Apple TV, the TV and receiver turns on automatically and switches to the appropriate input/output selection so the entertainment center is ready; although I did check if this was true and it wasn’t (none of my devices were on).

However it could be an errant app running on the Android TV, which is why I mentioned FB on my iPhone above. Apps steals resources because they are programmed by 3rd party programmers that has 3rd party intentions, like Google Music that wants you to subscribe to their streaming services and will push ads to your device which may be the reason that my Goggle Music UI is so sluggish because ads are running behind the scene. We don’t know but it infuriates us all the same because it is basically adware taking over our devices.

These Apps on your TV are not features but they are like the free bloated stuff you get with your new Windows computer; all of them are full of intentions.

Some errant app says update, turn on… like google music, and voila everything turns on.

It is all speculations. Just like I’ve been doing here for years. Speculating. I complain on Sony Forum and it all falls on deaf ears.

but I did say here that “you will never see the TV turning on by itself” and I was wrong…

It’s unusual for all HDMI sockets to have CEC. Try putting your additional devices into one of the HDMI ports without CEC.

Fortunately, my connected things don’t seem to support CEC. So I have to use a 3-in-1 remote to turn on the TV, Humax and DVD receiver. I’m not even sure if the TV has a CEC HDMI…

I have to turn the Humax on, as it RF feedthrough when off seems to have failed, and it inserts a 20dB signal loss. Which is pretty fatal to digital TV…

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Join me in upgrading @cpt_paranoia :stuck_out_tongue:

All my toys are really new cpt_paranoia :stuck_out_tongue: like my receiver STRDN1080 was just introduced at CES last month or something. So I think CEC in all HDMI ports is a given because Sony wants us to have this feature. Also 4k HDR is also on all my receiver HDMI inputs and two 4k HDR outputs are also provided. No more dedicated 4k HDR ports that were on my STRDN1060 which didn’t work anyways.

So I was just looking up CEC and I found this at Harmony… Of course they want you to turn off CEC because CEC is biting into their business of “One ring that controls them all”

The CEC auto power and input feature can sometimes conflict with Harmony’s ability to also power on and change inputs and can be safely disabled.

Different manufacturers have different names for CEC, each with slightly different capabilities. If you find your devices are powering on or off, or changing inputs incorrectly with Harmony, you may need to disabling various features under your CEC settings. Most manufacturers use their own unique name for CEC.

The thing is, I do want CEC because like you, once upon a time, I had 3 remote controls and one Harmony remote and I had to squint at the letterings or even worse, I had to guess at which HDMI input that I plugged my device into and ending up clicking through all my input selections until I get the proper display on the TV. I then repeat this with the receiver. Of course over time you do remember, but sometimes when your friends are over… your memory lapses…

CEC is wonderful and I got my introduction to it with the Apple TV which controlled turning on and off both my receiver and TV using only the Apple Remote. At that time it did not control my volume because my receiver was very old, but I thought that was very neat because I never knew of CEC.

After updating all my entertainment gear, all I need to do to play my Nintendo Switch today, is to press a button on my controller; the tv wakes up, the receiver wakes up, both devices switches to the appropriate input and voila… I can continue playing my game from where I left off. This is the same with my playstation 4 by pressing the PS button on the game controller; everything just switches over to the appropriate input.

This again is the same for my Apple TV if I wanted to watch movies from my Cloud using that VLC app, I just press Menu on the Apple TV remote which doesn’t need a line of sight (uses bluetooth), or if I wanted to watch Netflix from my TV all I need to do is turn on the TV and press Home and select Netflix.

I still have to know what to press, but the fact that it is almost a one step action is a far cry from multiple remotes in selecting video and audio input combinations. I have been waiting for this feature for a long time.

Hitting the power off button on my TV remote shuts down everything… 3 seconds later… :stuck_out_tongue:

There is always a solution to every problem and to counter the auto turn on… I will be activating the auto-turn off if not active for more than 30 minutes feature.

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Nah. I’m tight. That’s why I’ve got a MyCloud, rather than a QNAP…

My toys are all cheap or secondhand (chosen carefully and haggled over). Even the remote was a line clearance from a supermarket. I’m not sure I could find a wall big enough to mount a 75" TV…

Oh, and my TV doesn’t turn itself on randomly on its own. That’s an ‘upgrade’ I can probably do without…

You are missing out. It’s one of life’s true joys.