My World Book II - network access unavailable - 1 drive degraded

I cant mount the shares on any computer either directly attached or via my home network. I get a path error. When looking in the webportal for the NAS device I see the datavolume is degraded and one of the drives says unassigned in the disk manager. The bad drive also has a clean icon next to it. Is this bad drive causing my unit to not allow any shares to be mounted? Will replacing the drive take care of the issue? can i reach my data somehow with out replacing the drive?

Further research would suggest that the NAS should still be accessible with only 1 good drive. NAS status log says “media cannot find the path to more or more of the default folders” Windows error is “Windows canot access \x.x.x.x\public” What has happened to this NAS. Will I be able to mount the good drive to something so I can retrieve my data?

Which RAID configuration do you currently use? If you had a RAID 0 volume then replacing the drive will not allow for the data to be recovered. On a RAID 1 volume you would need to wither replace the faulty unit or connect the functional drive to a Linux-based system to access stored content.

Raid 1 - 2 way mirror is how its setup, the data should be on the 1 good drive. Do I have to do any magic to mount the drive in Linux or will it be accessible right way? I have access to a USB ATA/ATAPI bridge.

WD Community, update on my issue. My NAS is no longer accessible via the web portal I get an XML error. I pulled both RAID 1 drives and had a friend hook them up to a Ubuntu machine, both drives can be seen, see model #'s, S/N and all that jazz and can even see the data sizes on each drive. However the drives wont mount. Error :“wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock or /dev/sdb4, missing codepage or helper program, or other error”. Any recommendations on data recovery software that can read XFS format?

DISCO!!! Raise Data Recovery for XFS for the win!!! After lots of research on the community I tried out Raise Data and it worked flawless. Scanned my drive in on windows7, showed me all my file trees and every file. Copied all my files out without even doing the data recovery feature. I even used the “bad raid drive” the NAS told me was failed. Thank you all who replied to my posts and thank everyone who had write ups for similar issues that led me to getting my files back!