My World Book 1TB upload freeze

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having trawled through the forum today i have seen lots of issues, mine is probably there somewhere but i can’t see it.

i can download data from my 1TB NAS but uploading freezes after about 5GB. the system seems to work ok on a 100MB router both uploading and downloading, but as soon as i switch it to a 1GB switch the uploading freezes after about 5GB, but the download speed is great!.

i really need the backing up feature, which i use filezilla for, any thoughts?

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This sounds similar to the issue I’m having with my new MBW so interested to hear what people think. I got the MBW yesterday and had no problems getting set up, updating firmware and copying a few photos across to try it. Today I wanted to populate it proper but when I try to copy files either in windows xp explorer or using SyncToy after about a minute or so things come to a halt and I can no longer access the nas from my computer. At this point I’ve not been able to exit windows and had to switch PC off and start again. The MBW doesn’t seem to be non responsive as some posts on this forum have outlined. I have been able to power it down and up manually without issue. It just eventually goes into sleep mode as if my PC is doing nothing. When my PC copying has failed I’ve still been able to access the MBW from a laptop and iPhone. I’ve also been able to copy a 400mb folder to the MBW via my work laptop (fairly new but also running xp) that wouldn’t complete directly from my PC. Router is a netgear 100 mbps and PC using netgear USB connector. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Update - solution for me has been to transfer files over wire rather than wireless and in that set up MBW seems to be working fine so far. Not ideal but getting the files where they need to be. Not sure if my ageing xp PC isn’t up to scratch or if its something solvable.

Have a look at this

Hi - I’d read alot of the linked post prior to posting but couldn’t work out if I had the same issue. Crucially I’ve found no problems transferring files over Ethernet and when I have had problems the nas has remained responsive to other computers, iPhone, Sonos etc. For others it sounded like the nas was freezing up and needing a reboot of the nas to fix? Grateful for any views. Thanks

Hi again, I have since found that if I use Filezilla to transfer files and limit the amount to a max of 5 file simultaneous connections, the NAS completes the upload on the 1GB connection. Strangely, on a 100mb connection it will happily transfer 10 at a time - so I guess I am going to have to use 5 at a time from now on, unless there is a work around for this.

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