My WD5002AALX is replaced with WD7500AALX with shorter warranty


I have sent my Caviar Black 500gb for warranty last month, and i just got information that WD is sending me WD7500AALX which is Caviar Blue, with much shorter warranty to 31.05.2013.

Warranty for my Caviar Black is up to 23.08.2017.

Anybody has the same problem?

well it looks like they are sending you a 750gb Blue drive to replace your 500gb Black drive.

and you will have to wait a while for your warranty to be updated later.

after the whole thing is done they will transfer over your remaining warranty info to your new drive.

that’s what they did for me…

they told me this in a pm a couple times when i kept asking lol

The remainder of the warranty will be appied to the replacement drive once we receive the drive. Please allow 60 days for this transfer.

sweet :wink:
 but still… isnt the blue one slower than the black one?

Hi yes it is do not take a blue drive as a replacment for a black one. The blue drive has 8 meg cache 5400 rpm the black has 16 meg cache 7200 rpm that is the laptop 2.5 version. The desktop drives your black has the same cache and rpm as the blue they offered you so would be about the same speed but still the black drives are supposed to be made better.