My WD3200BEVT does not recognized after a slice fall

Hey there!

Recently my internal hard drive was dropped down about some inches from a computer table (the hard drive was enclosed in an envelope) since then it hasn’t been detected by my computer, and other computers when I use it as USB External drive. It occurred recently when my laptop display died and I had data to work on, so I was using it as a USB External drive on other computers and it was working excellent. Now since it was dropped accidentally it does not appear on my computer neither on Disk management window but on windows command when I used diskpart it showed the device with no details on label, File systems, and with the status of no media. I don have a backup of my data and I have very important data on this drive. 

Please provide me with help and support on what will I do to resolve this issue. If there is anything I can do at my end I will prefer that.

Sorry to hear that dude, but there is not a lot you can do here. To recover your files contact a data recovery company to see if your files can be recovered.