My WD TV live Hub freezes during playback!

I recently updated my WD TV Live Hub with the latest firmware and ever since it freezes during playback. The controls doesn’t work when it freezes and I need to unplug the power to get it restarted. It happens within every ten minutes and I never had these problem before! It’s not a problem with the network connecting cause all the controls fail to work. It’s not getting (too) hot at all. It really looks like a software fault.

It actually also happens when it’s doing nothing, so during the screensafers mode it freezes, the screensafer itself also freezes.

HELP! What to do cause this is getting really annoying…

PS it’s during playback from my computer via Sitecom WL-351 router and I just updated to firmware version 3.00.28

For instructions on how to Rollback your Firmware to a previous version… see this link