My WD TV Live dont play avi files with mp3 sound, Help

I have some videos xvid with embedded mp3 audio, but WD Live says: Unsupported format…

I disconnect the media library, and other videos formats works fine

I use a datatraveler pendrive 8gb.

And the same videos works fine in my other WD TV HD MediaPlayer.

Any idea with the problem?


Got similar problem:

Same avi-file:

from networkshare: unsupported media…

from USB Stick: everything fine

I update the firmware version 1.01.11 and the problem continues…

Any answer of  the official team support?

theres another thread on the front page about this that i replied in.

how ever i found that i have small tv shows with the same video and mp3 audio codecs and they are working thru my network share, but the larger movie length files arent, but when i play them strait from a USB its fine. so its something weird…

i thinks there is a issue about the model of USB pendrive.

In my case the Datatraveler DT100/8Gb dont works, but the model DT100/4Gb yes

Why? I dont know for now…