My WD Passport not responsive but can be seen

Ive pluged in my external 2.5inch 500gb passport drive and it shows the installation drive but the main drive will not load. it will continuesly keep trying to read the drive.

Ive tried with multiple computer and it still wont allow me to access it. Accessing to the partial installation drives works shows files. The main drive continues to render until shutdown. I cant even format the hard drive anyone can please help me resolve the problem i want to be able to use it again. Possibly keep my files that i have on it.

This occur right after i unplugged the usb cable from the computer uppruptly  cause i was in a rush and didnt close the window correctly can someone help?

if you pulled the plug just after you copied some files, I can guarantee that you corrupted the file system of the drive.  see if you can find some partition recovery software to restore the partition of the drive.  however, any corrupted files will be lost.