My WD Passport couldnt be recognized by my laptop

Hi. I have a My Passport 1TB, which was a replacement when my old 500 GB My Passport crashed. It’s almost full, and I have a lot of data in it.

Anyway, I used to open it without fail for more than two years, and then suddenly, I couldn’t open it on my computer (Windows 7), but when I plug it in our television, it can be read. A huge chunk of my files were deleted, so I suspect that area is corrupted. I can replace the data deleted, but I need to retrieve some of the remaining files.

I tried to run the diagnostic test for My Passport, and my device passed. I tried Disk Management on my new laptop (Windows 8), and it is still unrecognizable.

I was wondering, what should I do? Will buying a new cord work? Please help! I need my files badly.

You posted in the My Passport WIRELESS forum.   Is that what you have?  Or do you have the ordinary USB Passport?  

That forum is here:

Hi. An administrator already moved my thread. Thanks.