My WD passport 2TB HDD bad sectors error

My WD passport HDD 2TB have bad sectors. I can’t use now. I was bought from Singapore last 3years ago and I am at Myanmar now. Warranty is expired . How should I do for this.
Please help me and give me advices.
Thanks and regard,

Hi ParPu,

Correcting bad sectors may or may not be possible depending on the type of damage (Logical vs physical). Logical bad sectors can be repaired by means of software, however, a deep-clean (Write zeros) may be more effective at repairing both physical and logical sectors. Refer to the link below to see how to write zeros on a drive:

If a disk undergoes this process and still has bad sectors, then it would need to be replaced under warranty but as you mentioned above if the warranty has expired then you won’t be able to go for that option. If you have any important data present on the drive then the only way to recover that data before performing the deep-clean process is to visit a professional data recovery center. You can refer to the link below to see the recommended data recovery centers by Western Digital: