My WD My Passport Ultra has stopped working after 4 months

I bought WD My passport Ultra 2.00 TB last April.And now when I try to plug it in my PC.The folder does not appear.It appears in Printers And Devices.But the actual folder does not appear at all.Sometimes the folder does appear but it dissappears in less than 5 minutes.I have important projects in that HD and am very desperate.I have very little knowledge about electronics.And there are no good shops in my vicinity which can fix my device.I sent it to five workshops but they all said that they cannot fix it.I have about 500GB worth folders in there.I cannot afford to lose them.And on top of that I am a student so my budget is very limited.I am sorry but can someonle please help me?

That’s a sign of a physical connectivity issue. Have you tried replacing the unit’s USB cable? Did you try another computer? Is the hard drive seen within Disk Management even if it’s not seen on Windows Explorer?