My Wd my passport is not being detected by my PC

hi sir, 
 my wd driver was just fine till this morning and now all of a suddent its not working have no idea how to deal with it i saw your faq but no help from there too…


i ran this test please if yu see this and let me know what should i do… my very imp data is in it :( 
thank you looking forward to yur reply 

Have you tried using another USB cable or connecting the Passport to another PC? Be sure to connect the Passport directly to the PC, avoid using extension USB cables or USB hubs since these might cause power inconsistencies. 

The same happened to me last night.

I have tried three different PC. When I connect the USB to the PC the little light of the My Passport lights-up, I can hear a double beep about three times than nothing happens.

Can someone help…I have lots of data on it!

Had the same problem about 2 weeks ago.

Tried everything I can think of - plug the HDD to other PCs, change USB cables, plug to different USB port (directly)… 

Nothing works !!! non of the PC is able to recognise the HDD.

This morning, my colleague faced the exact same problem with her HDD (same model) which we purchased at the same time.

so I called up the support hotline … this is the response I get :

“Sorry sir, your hard disk warranty expired on 23rd April 2014, we will not be able to replace the hard disk for you.”

PS. warranty was based on manufacturing date as I wasn’t able to provide the purchase receipt.

When I ask about what WD will be doing to resolve this problem, the lady just say “we will feedback to the company”

All the while, my thoughts on WD hard disk was that they have very reliable products. BUT… after this experience,

My confidence in WD products have dropped to ZERO!

I have the same problem with My Passport external drive… the WD software no longer recognize the drive even tho the LED lights up when connected…  I’d asked a computer shop to check & he said the moving parts may have failed… is there a WD authorized repair shop in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that I can send to fix ?  I hv a lot of data & family photos kept in this device.  Pls help !! 

Did any of you guys have a backup by any chanse??? its always a great idea to have a backup of all important data, it will save you so much trouble.