My WD My Cloud not accessible and now i must do Data Recovery

I bought WDMyCloud 4TB in October 2018, here in Mumbai, India.

On 16th Sep 2019 (Monday), I entered office and tried to access my folder saved on WDMYCLOUD device, which we always keep connected to internet, but in vain. I could not access my device. The day went off just trying and thinking something may be wrong.

Next day (Tuesday) when we again checked, kept trying and by about 10.30 AM we got access and we started copying important folders on other PC. But by 12.30, say after two hours, again access stopped and that stopped for so long that till today (24th Sep 2019) not getting any access.

Now when I try from Google Chrome, by inputting my USERID and Password the message I get as under “Your device is not connected or OFF”.

My Computer Engg asked me look for Data Recovery Engineer.

The data is very important to me.

Can anybody help me out or guide me on this?