My wd my book Slow work

Please guide WD my book hard disk slow work

When your WD My Book hard disk is running slowly, it can be quite frustrating, but there are a few things you can check to improve its performance.
First, make sure you’re using a USB 3.0 port for optimal speed. Using an older USB 2.0 port can significantly slow down data transfer speeds.Also, ensure that the USB cable is in good condition and properly connected. You might want to check for any available driver updates and run a disk check to fix any errors. Performing a full system scan for malware is also a good idea. If the disk is heavily fragmented, you can try defragmenting it. Additionally, closing unnecessary background applications might help. If nothing works, backing up your data and reformatting the hard disk could be a solution. And if you’re still having trouble, it’s a good idea to reach out to WD support for further assistance. They’re usually helpful in finding the right solution.