My WD Live! can not access Network client shares

I have a WD Live!  Firmware = 1.06.42 that constantly looses the PC it needs to connect to on the Network. This has been an intermittent problem since I bought the WD Live! in 2010, but lately it has gotten so bad that I can only connect to Media libraries, and it can’t see any Network clients.

It is not the network, and it is not the PC. All other PCs, and devices work fine on the Network including a couple of XBOXs. I can also access the WD LIVE!, and manage USB drives from the PC I am trying to connect to I just can’t connect to any PCs from the WD LIVE except for media libraries.

I have tried the usual troubleshooting

     Unplug the WD Live! From everything… let it sit…plug it back in.

     Reboot the network

     Reboot the PC I am trying to connect to

     Power off everything… wait 30 minutes and start it all back up.

Following this process I use to be able to get the WD Live! working … but no more. I have tried a software reset but it did not help…. A hardware reset might be useful, but this device doesn’t appear to have one.

Is it time to move on to another media streamer, or is there something I can do to get this working…and hopefully more reliable then it has been up to now. Thank you.

Winterlight wrote:

It is not the network, and it is not the PC.

Well, yes, it is.   It’s very likely either one or the other…

The WDTV relies on the presence of a single, stable, “Master Browser” in order to connect to Windows “servers.”  If one is not present on your network, then it’s not going to work.

Other devices don’t depend on the Browser service, and would thus be immune to the issue.  But one can’t blame the WD even if it does require the use of Browsers.   If you have a functioning, stable Browser on your network, the WDTV will work every time.

  I don’t accept that it is my network. If it was the network other clients on the LAN would be having issues, and they are not.

  My home theater uses a 8 port Gb switch into which is plugged the WD Live!, the TV, the Blue Ray player, a XBOX, and a laptop. None of of those devices have any problem accesses the primary computer shares or streaming media from them.

 The WD Live! is unable to access shares even on the laptop that it shares the switch with. As I wrote in my previous post, I am able to access the computer from the WD Live, but only as a Media Server…essentially the files and folders available to the XBOX. 

The WD Live previously could access network shares from various clients,  however, now it can not access any Client’s /folders/ shares from it’s video/Network shares menu.

Well, the Live hasn’t changed in ages, so that means something else changed somewhere.