My WD Has scratch

I was playing my game and then 5TB WD Storage box starting making noises. What does this mean?

How do I get this fix?

Hi @S1iverF2ish,

Western Digital Hard Drive Noise: Reasons for Hard Drive Noise

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Typically, storage drives operate quietly and consistently. However, in the event of physical damage or logical corruption, they may start producing noise. Various hard drive clicking sounds can indicate different issues, and often, there are four potential causes for these noises:

1. Insufficient Power Supply:

  • Commonly occurs when multiple devices, including the hard drive, are connected to a single port, leading to inadequate power distribution.

2. Physical Depreciation:

  • Results from issues or damage, such as a physical shock or trauma to the hard drive.

3. Faulty Data Cables or Incorrect Drivers:

  • A hard drive may fail due to issues with data cables or the installation of incorrect drivers.

4. Crashed Hard Drive:

  • Total failure of the hard drive, often resulting in unusual noises.

If you encounter such noises, consider the following fixes that users have employed to address the issue:

1. Ensure Adequate Power Supply:

  • Check if the hard drive is receiving sufficient power by connecting the power adapter directly to the power supply.

2. Replace Data Cable:

  • Swap out the data cable with a new one and power on the drive. If the noise ceases, the previous data cable may have been faulty.
  1. Evaluate Drive Health:
    • If the drive continues to make noises, it may be a sign of impending failure, and replacement might be necessary.

If your drive is still under warranty, it is advisable to contact customer support to initiate a warranty claim.

These steps can assist in identifying and addressing the source of the noise, potentially resolving the issue or prompting necessary actions like replacement or warranty claims.