My WD hardrive is not working properly!

Hi, a year ago i had bought a 320 Gb sata WD hardrive. I had first installed windows vista os and it worked fine till six months. But then i started surfing the net and my hardrive started showing problems. Sometimes it never used to get detected and i even changed the sata cable. But for sometime it worked, but then again it started showing errors like boot failure. Then as the summer came, the hardrive used to heat up to 47c and i had to format it. I installed then windows vista 64 bit and then too hardrive used to show errors while booting. The system check at the beginning then showed errors from 16kb to 64kb bad cluster sectors! Are these signs of manufacturing defects hardrive failure or is it because of the bad ram, or motherboard not functioning well or the heatup?

   Kindly suggest me as i have now formatted the hardrive more than ten times and installed windows xp at present!

It is advisable to run the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic (DLG) and test the drive for errors, this software can tell you if the drive is faulty or not:

I had already downloaded the program WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic (DLG) and even ran on my pc. But the quick test failed as it failed to proceed! And the complete test was running for some moments, but i thought otherwise not to run it. As it would further engravate the hardrive woes when it will start correcting the bad sectors. Another non WD programs show the status of the hardrive as working normal! But then again it starts giving errors in functioning!