My WD Elite 1.0 TB fail to start

Last night I was watcing anime directly from my HD. but then, right before i shut down my laptop, the HD is gone. SmartWare cannot detect. So, i just shut down my laptop. but then, when i turn on my laptop, it cannot detect it anymore. the light indicator is not on. i tried to plug off the cable, the screen indicator doesn’t change. still showing up the name, free space, and locked icon. i tried to plug off everything once again for a while. usually the screen indicator will go blank, or only show the name. but the screen remained the same. what should i do? i cannot connect to it anymore. i’ve stored many data in it. is it the plug failure, or what? i can’t feel the rotating of the HD. any suggestion what to do?

edited: nvm, know the problem already…power supply is gone…>"<…

You might want to contact WD’s Technical Support about this.  You can do so by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support