My WD Elements is running hot!


So I’ve bought an external HDD “WD Elements” 10TB, and it is running at 52C at idle, is that normal? It is winter here and my room is not hot, so what is going on?

Thank you

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There are four easy troubleshooting ways to fix an overheated hard drive that is lingering on corruption, dying, and eventual failure.

1. Lighten the loading burden

Maximumly reduce the number of large-size applications that assume high CPU resources and disk memory in Task Manager.

  • Press Ctrl + Al + Del keys to open Windows Task Manager;
  • Click the Processes tab, select the targets which occupy the most CPU resource and click End Process.

Check and remove malware and virus

At times the task manager shows 100% disk usage but you will find nothing eating the CPU up. Be cautious then, the victim might be computer viruses that drain your computer memory up.

Check bad sectors and prepare for the worse

Too many bad sectors will largely cause hard drive malfunctioning, making it feel strenuous to load computer files so it generates more heat than ever.
Hope this methods help you.


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