My (unplugged) Passport Ultra 1 TB. How to add to the existing backup?

I went thru all of the setup process 6 months ago and left it unplugged on my bookcase. I only have one (1) good USB on my old PC so keeping it constantly attached is impossible. I don’t know how to add to the existing backup. It shows me all the files including the large setup file.

I’m afraid if I go thru the setup again i will lose everything and have to do it all over. What is the normal process when you don’t have it plugged in constantly? Also, It’s not easy to get the latest updates for this hard drive. It would be nice if they had an easy installer for the update but it’s not an easy process. This should be automatic the second you plug it into your PC.


Going through the setup will not delete or reset anything you have already backed up to your drive.
There are no updates, this drive should run just fine on your computer as it is a plug and play device.
If you’ve done a previous backup, just use the same backup software to have it more organized, other than that, you can use whichever backup software you are familiar with.
WD’s backup softwares are WD Backup and WD SmartWare.