My Thoughts on the New Media Hub

I love the wd media hub plays all my mkv with dts audio no more converting for the PS3. Netflix works awesome other then a search feature that would be nice but all you have to do is go online log into net flix and put it in your instant que and it shows up immediately. Also just the thought of being able to theme the wd is AWESOME. I am sure we will be seeing some awesome themes being contributed by users in the near future. I just went from the new apple tv (GARBAGE) to ps3 which plays very well and unable to show movie info and still need conversion to WD which is by far the best. I am very pleased with the media hub. I have the wd elements 2tb hard drive also hooked up to it so i now have 3tb of space. So far i have 60 movies  in FULL HD 1080p taking up only 340 Gig. I couldnt be happier with this product.  

Nice review!

3TB is really not that much space. The best way to capitalize on it is only put your favorite movies in HD. For movies you might only watch occasionally, especially older ones, use SD. If all you had were SD movies you could fit 3-4 times as many on the drives. A high quality (DVD quality) movie is about 350 MB when properly compressed. Shorter movies are even less.

Don’t forget to keep a backup of your movies…

Better idea…

Buy a Network Attached Storage device and run it in Raid5 or Raid6.   I have a ReadyNas Pioneer Pro full of 2TB drives for this purpose.   Plays wonderfully with the WD products and is lightning fast.

With the cost of 2TB drives dropping like a piano, it’s getting pretty cheap to have 10TB online in the basement.