My story with WD TV Live REMOTE!


I bought my WD TV Live plus from ebay, i got it few days ago, I plugged it into power and hdmi cable, and I got the choose language screen.

Everything was fabulous so far :slight_smile:

Then, I inserted a two brand new batteries to the remote, and it didnā€™t work :frowning:

Here the trip begun!

I tried 6 or 7 pairs of good batteriesā€¦ nothing worked, rechargeableā€¦ alcalineā€¦ duracelā€¦ sonyā€¦ nothing worked!

I also tried to check the remote lights/led by my camera phoneā€¦ of course didnā€™t work as wellā€¦

After that, I went a friend of mineā€¦ who opened the remote, and he discovered that the leds are not working! he replaced themā€¦ and installed a new batteries and it works!


I went home, and inserted my original new batteriesā€¦ didnā€™t work again!!!

I went back to my friendā€¦ and we installed his pair of batteries (the brand of them is: Grunding! made in china) and they worked perfectly!!

Both of us were amazed!

My friend explanation: Because the remote has two ledsā€¦ so it need some sort of strong batteriesā€¦ and his advice was to remove one led and keep the other.

What do you think guys?

Your remote is deffective. Ā Replace it.

Simply swap your new batteries for your friends batteries - problem solved.
The rest of us obviously have 2 LEDs which donā€™t require new batteries every 5 minutes or ā€˜strongerā€™ batteries so I would go along with Tony and say replace your remote or install the latest firmware and use the WD android remote.

Thank you guys, I alreay tried many batteries, and I ordered a new remote :expressionless: