My Roku with Plex can play wtv files, why can't WD Live SMP?

Why is it that my Plex media server with my Roku can play my recordings from Windows Media Center but this WD Live SMP cannot?

I don’t want to have to convert them to the old format. Is there an easier way?


.wtv is a Microsoft format that requires licensing WD obviously does not want to pay for.

I doubt that Plex is paying for the license and yet I have no problem watching .wtv files without converting.

Plex works because its plex on both ends. The plex app on Roku requests the file in such a way that the plex server knows to open the container and stream to the Roku. It won’t do it for WDTVs probably because they want to secure their own revenue…

From what I can tell, Microsoft doesn’t require licenses for WTV usage.